Transitioning Into Fall

Monday, August 3, 2015

|My exact button down (I'm wearing a size M)| I also love this button down | For cardigans I love this in grey, this in taupe, and this one in every color
 | Obsessed with these booties, these, and,
 this style always sells like hotcakes! |
| I also wanted to mention I ordered this jacket in sandshell |

It's not going to cool down in Texas for a hot minute! However, around this time I start to shop for all my fall transition pieces. I can not shop for one season in bulk, I like to slowly accumulate my wardrobe. (This is probably why I have a problem, ha-ha) but if you think logically about it- this is the best time of year to start shopping.
You have big sales like the N-sale and a lot of retailers start their back to school promotions.
Not to mention, this coming weekend is Tax Free weekend for Texas! 
With all of that being said, it's important to shop smart. You want to focus on items that are "transitional" and can be worn during the warmer months and also during the cooler months. I look for button downs, light weight cardigans, and boots! 
Button downs are great because you can easily get away with wearing them with shorts. The one I'm wearing is especially great because it's light weight, but still really good quality.
 I also loving snatching up cute cardigans around this time, they're great for movie dates in the summer time, and a staple for fall. 
Lastly, boots. I can not get enough. If you've had your eye on a cute pair- get them now. They will sell out and they will not come back. I do not know how many times I've waited too long to pull the trigger on a cute pair of fall booties! It's the worst! 
Think about how much you're going to wear these booties, invest in them. If you're anything like me, you'll wear a hole in them before the season is over. The boots I'm wearing are from last year and you better believe I'm ordering them in beige this year! 
I will be linking a ton of cute stuff that I think are great transitional pieces above, get on it girl! 
Big Love & Extra Monday Hugs


  1. So cute outfit! I love the shirt jeans and boots! Gemma xx

  2. Love this look! Yeah, it won't be cooling down anytime soon in Florida either and I'll definitely be hitting up tax free shopping!!

  3. Cute look! I love it!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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