The Cutest Peplum Top

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Peplum Top I'm wearing a sm | My jeans found here, they are stretchy | 
| My lip color (I'm obsessed with purple tone lips) found here in shade "Requiem" |

 You need this cute little peplum in yo life! It accentuates all the good and hides the bad. I think peplums can be tricky, but this one is a no fuss must. I am not one to dry clean forever 21 items, but this baby will be getting dry cleaned, because I want to keep her around for awhile! I do not think dry cleaning is necessary, I'm just obsessed with this top and I want to treat it right. I also want to talk about my sunnies, which are a total STEAL. I've been eye'n (see what I did there) a similar pair of Prada sunglasses for awhile now, but I just couldn't justify spending that much on glasses that I would not properly take care of. I'm the girl who chunks her sunglasses in her purse unprotected and then paws at the bottom of the black hole that is my purse to find them. I can't have nice things y'all! Needless to say when I saw these back in stock I had to have them. 

We are taking our little chunk Yorkie to the vet today for her annual check up and I have to admit I'm a tad bit nervous. The entire office has a bet on her, they think the vet is going to tell me she's overweight. I try to explain to them that she's not over weight, she's loved. 
They just don't get it. 
I just can't say no when she looks at me with those eyes and silently begs for treats. 
Wish us luck & let's hope for a forgiving scale. 

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