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Friday, January 15, 2016

Cardigan: under 40 bucks! | My pull over is from Old Navy. Similar: here | My crossbody, yes I ordered it in both colors. It's that good! | My earrings: here | Raybans: here | 
Another day, another amazing purchase from my favorite boutique! You honestly can't go wrong with anything the Happy Goose Sells. I want you to know, that I sing their praises for a reason! I love every single item I've ever purchased from THG shop! Seriously, you won't be let down! 

Now let's get on into the styling of this post! 
First, that little bag you see slung around me is my new favorite! It's a great size, holds my full size wallet, cell phone, keys, and some makeup! Not bad for a cross-body. It's also made from soft-suede like material and I love that it works with everything. 

Second, have y'all noticed I've been on an aztec-tejas kick for a hot second? I really feel if my soul had a print.. it would be aztec with saguaro cactus polka dots.. if that makes sense? When I style outfits like this, I feel best. I used to try and follow trends and I always hated how the posts turned out. I finally feel that I'm coming into my own and that's something to be proud of. 
Lastly, I'm not apologizing for how many times I wear these jeans. They're perfection, and you don't apologize for perfection. Ha! 
Big ol' Sassy Hugs, 


  1. I love The Happy Goose too! Such great stuff. I think we all struggle with following the trends and trying to wear what we feel the most comfortable in. Glad you found your way, love your style!

  2. Thank you for sharing sweet friend! This outfit is perfection :)


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