The Sweetest Day

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Most of my married friends told us "after the wedding you're going to want to do it all over again, it goes so fast and it's so fun"! 

I agree, our wedding day was the best day of our lives, but I would never want to do it again. 
I honestly do not think I could've made that day any more perfect. 
I would not have done one single thing differently. 
I want the memory of our wedding to remain perfectly unchanged forever.
I have never felt more solidified and whole as I did on our wedding day. 
I find comfort in my new last name, knowing I have the most perfect man standing beside me. 
My Hubs gives me butterflies everyday
With all that I am, and all that I have, forever.

Watch our wedding videoHERE!

(The pictures are arranged decor, getting ready, ceremony, reception & send off )
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Wedding Planner :Kristin Catter Events
Photographer:Amber Jaye McCarthy Photography
Videographer: Spinning Leaf
Cake: Sweet Treats Bakery (they also made our macarons for favors)
Catering: Rosemarys Catering Austin
Florist:Libby Cole Creations
Invitations:The Inviting Pear
Hair:Zig Zag Salon
Make Up: Beauty Mark Agency


(Our Ceremony Space + The best Usher, ever!)

Getting Ready

TC and I did not want to do a first look.
However, I did a first look with my dad, It was the sweetest moment!

Ceremony + Pictures

(Trying not to cry my eyes out)

(took a quick second to wipe my Hubs eyes, all better!)

We happy-cried the entire ceremony.


(Yes, that is our dogs as our cake toppers! I was OBSESSED with this custom cake topper.. to be honest, I still am!!!)

The best man and his speech! Everyone loved this speech! I was cracking up the entire time!!
My sisters speech, which was so special it made us bawl our eyes out! 

(We had breakfast tacos served as a late night snack after dinner and cake!! It was a hit!)

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