Our Honeymoon Part 3: Rome!

Monday, June 1, 2015

 Train Venice à Rome
We took a train from Venice to Rome. It was around a 3 hour train ride and got to see a lot of the beautiful Italian countryside. Everything was so green and getting to see so many of the Italian vineyards throughout the train ride was amazing. Rome was a very large city and very busy around every corner you would turn. Seeing some of the sights and learning about the amount of history and how far history goes back in this city was amazing.

Day 1 – Pantheon / Dinner
We arrived in the afternoon and made our way to the hotel which was conveniently a nice short walk from the train station. We checked into the hotel (which was the smallest room so far, but had adjustable/massaging beds! and quickly changed to go see our first sight, The Pantheon. Walking around the outside and touring the inside of the Pantheon was stunning. It is amazing to think that Roman Emperor’s walked on the same marble floors that are still there today. It was unbelievable to see how good of shape the temple is still in after all these years. After the Patheon we went to dinner, which was amazing. I swear pasta is 10x better in Italy. We followed dinner with a gelato date and called it a night!

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Day 2 – Vatican City
We spent most of our second day in Vatican City. Spending the day touring the massive Vatican Museum took a good part of the day. Seeing all of the different exhibits with paintings, sculptures, and even tapestries were quite the sight! However, the best part of the Museum was being able to go inside the Sistine Chapel! This was one of the highlights of the entire trip. Even though it was packed with hundreds of people, you almost felt alone while looking around the walls and at the ceiling of the gorgeous paintings by all the different Renaissance painters and of course the breathtaking work of Michelangelo. After touring the museum, we spent some time just hanging out in the massive St. Peter’s Square.

Day 3 – Coliseum
On our final day in Rome, we got to take a group guided tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palentine Hill. It was quite the extensive tour, lasting around 4 hours. The tour started out in the infamous Colosseum. Just being inside and walking around made you feel like you were part of the crowd going to see an epic battle. We then got to walk around Palentine Hill. This is one of the most ancient parts of the entire city, and one of the ‘Seven Hills of Rome’. It is a beautiful area with many little gardens and had a fantastic view point of the entire city. We finished up the tour walking the grounds in the Roman Forum. Filled with ruins of ancient  government buildings & temples, this was the area of Rome where it all began. 
Funny story, when we went to dinner on the last night we accidentally ordered a LITER of wine. Yes, a liter. We were so embarrassed when the waiter sat the massive bottle on our table, but after a couple glasses we didn't care as much! haha!

(Note the LITER of wine.. HA!)

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