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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Exact Dress found://here & I love this option too!:// My sunnies:// My earrings here & Smaller version:// here 
This dress makes me want to jump in my car and head to the beach! I've seen this print all over the place lately and I just had to join the party! I love the crisp white and the pretty blue prints! The dress I'm wearing is not lined, but throw on a slip and problem solved. I've been trying to post more casual outfits for my girls who don't want to rock heels everyday, because hey- I get it! I love sandals too, and these bad boys are my go-to's. I've had them for a good 2+ years and they've served me well. I am however on the hunt for some new gold sandals or wedges, so feel free to leave me suggestions! 
Now I'm off to help with our patio construction, and by help I mean supervise. I'm really excited for our patio to be finished, I already have it decorated via Pinterest! Haha! 

(ps. I'm totes wearing my Bobbi Brown Beach perfume and pretending the lake behind me is the Beach!)
Saturday Hugs! 


  1. Ob-sessedddd with this dress. Def reminds me of the beach! I may have to jump on the band wagon and buy it too!


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