Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Current Skin Care Routine

Eminence Cleanser |Calm Skin Moisturizer | Gel Moisturizer  | Calm Skin Arnica Serum | Mario Badescu Drying Lotion | Jack Black Lip Balm | Murad Invisiblur Primer | Clarisonic Mia2 | Sara Happ Lip Scrub | Sephora Sheet Mask |
I'll be the first to admit, I slacked on my skin care for years! I used drugstore-cheapy- cleansers that kept my skin clear, but stripped my skin of all the nutrients and goodness that it needed. I was content with whatever kept my skin clear(ish) and didn't break the bank. 

However, about a year ago I was on snapchat and I noticed my skin had these little tiny bumps--not acne-- but almost clogged pores? My face appeared clear, but underneath it all  my skin was sensitized and abused! Abused y'all, I said it! 
I decided right then and there I had to start taking care of my skin. 

I now go in every month and get a facial, I use an organic (but concentrated) skincare line, exfoliate my skin regularly and I protect my skin with SPF (a lot of it!)

With that being said, let's get to the review...shall we? 

1. Clairsonic Mia2 I've used this bad boy for a couple years now and I love it! It exfoliates, loosens dirt and gently cleanses my skin. I also like that it's waterproof. I can use it in the shower or at my sink! Side note: I use waterproof mascara, so I always remove my eye makeup with the Almay makeup remover wipes prior to cleansing and exfoliating. These pads are oil free, which is a must for me. I hate the way oil feels on my eyes! 
2. Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser, Y'all shut-it-down! This stuff is so nice to my skin! This cleansers formula does not contain any water... Meaning, it's entirely concentrated with all organic ingredients that nourish and cleanse your skin! Go to your shower right now, take a look at your cleanser.. I bet its first ingredient is water. This cleanser is so concentrated that you only have to use a pea size amount! It lasts forever and it really cleanses my skin without making it feel stripped! 
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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Bravenec's Take Mexico + Vlog

Friends! I've missed you! 
As promised, here is a little snippet of our trip to Playa Del Carmen! Please understand, we are terrible "vloggers." Every trip we try and make a conscious effort to be a little bit better and I hope our work is progressing. Personally, I'm terrible at remembering to "capture" the moments; however, I really enjoy editing the footage. Our trip to Mexico was for a wedding, but we decided to stay a couple days after and celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! I can not believe it has already been a year, time flies. 
As always, I'll link everything for you guys to check out. 
I should have more content up soon.. I promise :) 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Embroidered Details & Fringe Benefits

| My kimono is old. this kimono is a cute option & this one is too  | 
| | Denim: FP "steel" here and similar here | | 
| Booties: here or here | Crossbody: here | 
I wanted to get this look up on Friday, but I got carried away getting ready for a girls trip down to San Antonio! I absolutely love San Antonio! I love the margaritas, the Tex-Mex, and the pretty lights on the Riverwalk. It's such a beautiful city! 
I wore this outfit last week for our SIX-YEAR anniversary! Yes, Bravenec and I have been together for six-years and I have loved every minute of it! We didn't do anything crazy for our anniversary, if you read my last post then you know we have so much going on. 
What I love most about this look is that I felt super cute, but not over the top. It also has a boho-tejas feel, which is my favorite. Not to mention, open toe booties are the perfect shoe for transitioning between seasons. The pair I'm wearing work for spring, summer, and fall! The color works for every season and the open toe makes them acceptable in the hotter months. I can't wait to wear them with a flowy-top and cute shorts! 
Happy Monday Friends!  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chunky-Heeled Booties + Life Update

My Top | favorite black denim | Y'all, I searched high and low to find a link for my booties: here |  | my bag | 
Girlmeetsbrave was created to serve as a personal style blog, plain and simple. 
It serves as a place where others can come and hopefully be inspired, get outfit ideas, and find new trends to fall in love with. 

Personally, I believe this blog should only serve it's intended purpose.  
I struggle all the time with how much to share about my life.  
I keep it real on social media and share life happenings here and there. 
However, I keep so much private. 
I thought long and hard about this and I decided I should probably share some insight.   
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Spring Fever

| Sweater Dress: mine: here, size M & Similar: here | Kimono: here  | Necklace | 
Nail Color | 
Texas has had the strangest weather this Winter. It will be in the low 80's one day and then the 40's the next. Needless to say, it's driving me bananas! I know everything will heat back up and balance out soon enough, but I am itchin' for Spring! I have been mixing my winter pieces with spring pieces every time the heat index peaks. 
I purchased this dress as a Winter staple piece that I could layer and wear with booties. However, I knew it would double as Summer maxi that I could tie up and wear with sandals. I think it's a great transitional piece and has served me well during this crazy season! For any of you who are wanting to get a jump start on Spring, I'll link everything above and some similar options. I understand the need to start shopping, Spring will be here in no time! 
Especially if you're in the South! ;) 
Thanks for Stopping by!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Pink Ombre Swing Top

Pink Ombre Top | Cardigan: here & here | Crescent Necklace: here | 
I'm so excited to share this ombre waffle knit top with y'all, it's seriously so comfy! I love that it works with leggings, shorts, and skinnies! It has a high-low effect, (as you can tell from the pictures) which gives it a comfy vibe. I tied it up to show more of my denim, you know I love knotting my tops! I also think this top would be perfect for this valentines weekend, it's soft prink gradient effect is so pretty! 

I hate to cut this post short, but last week was so rough and it's causing me to play catchup this week! 
I'm positive this week is going to be better than last...maybe because my BFF is going to have a BABY today!! I'm compulsively checking my phone for updates and praying really hard! 
Happy Monday Friends!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weekend Uniform

| My exact sweater: here, sold out in black! Similar: here | Cardigan: here or here |
| My Crossbody: here | Roshe Ones:Exact Pair (I wear a 4 youth!) or here or here | 
|My lipstick is Solow by Colourpop | 
I don't know about y'all, but most of my weekends are dedicated to errands. 
I really wish I was the type of person that could run errands during the week, but by 5pm I am beyond over the day and I just want to get home. 
Therefore, my weekend uniform consists of a comfy sweater, leggings, and my Roshe runs! 

I have been LIVING in these shoes the last month. I own them in black and bright pink and I wear both non-stop. The key to wearing running shoes with a casual outfit is to buy your shoes in a neutral color. I wear the pair pictured above a little more than my pink pair, simply because they match.. everything. 
I pair them with a pullover and jeans, leggings and a sweater, or a cute hoodie and leggings! 
They're considered "lifestyle" shoes for a reason, they should work with your lifestyle! 
If you're still skeptical.. 
I will shoot a couple other looks in these shoes this weekend and have an additional post on how to wear Roshes next week!
In the meantime, pull your Roshes out and try pairing them with casual outfits you already wear! Promise, you'll start living in yours too! 
Happy Thursday loves! 

ps. Happy Birthday to my BFF & Biggest Fur Baby, Dougie! The Great 8!