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Monday, August 12, 2019

I am so excited to reveal Baby Bravenec's nursery! Getting this little girls room ready was a real labor of love and our family was such a big help. This room went through a huge transformation, from removing the texture on the walls to installing crown molding and larger baseboards. We also ripped out the old closet shelving and installed an Elfa closet system to help keep all of her things organized. The process took a few months from start to finish, and we can not express how thankful we are for all the hard work everyone put into this room!

Overall, I wanted her room to be girly, a touch bohemian and "not too baby-ish." I started with her crib and dresser, as her room is small and I knew these pieces would take up the most space. I love the mix of boho textures and the mid-century modern crib and dresser. The next big item on my list was lighting. I knew this room needed a statement light fixture to balance everything out and add height to her small room. After I decided on the big pieces, the rest was easy! I found art work for above her crib and shopped the Anthropologie home section like it was going out of style! To make sure her room wasn't too "baby-ish", I focused on accent pieces NOT found in the nursery section of my favorite stores. Her marble inlay book shelves are from world market, as well as her toy baskets and wall mirror. I added the ceramic flowers, picture frames and dolls to her shelves to make her room a bit more girly and whimsical. TC's mom gifted us with TC's hospital bear, and we almost melted placing that bear in her crib. I absolutely love that she will share a bear with her Dad. I also have to give a special shout out to TC for gifting me with the cutest mouse in a box. I had been eyeing this little mouse for months, constantly hinting at him about how adorable I thought it was. One day TC handed me a little nursery gift and I was so excited to find that cute little mouse box inside!

We are so happy with how her room turned out, it is easily our favorite room in our house! I am most excited to snuggle up with her in the gilder and rock her to sleep and I can not wait to add her picture to the little picture frames around her room.

Most importantly, I hope this room comforts her and serves as a tiny reminder of how loved she truly is.

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