Our Boys Nursery

Sunday, August 20, 2023


Milam Thomas Bravenec 
Your nursery is ready and it holds so many precious memories. 
The Teddy on your glider is your dads hospital bear. The first bear his parents gave him. 
You'll also notice we framed some of your dad's baby clothes in shadow boxes and hung them on the wall near your crib.  
I spent hours shopping for all the toys and décor in your room. I added a lot of little nod's to your dad's childhood bedroom with the trucks, clowns and musical bears. 
Lastly, this room was your older sisters, we spent countless nights rocking her to sleep in this very room. 
I hope and pray to do the same with you, my boy. 

I linked everything I could HERE!
Cube Wall Art was found at Home Goods! The artist is Cicero Silva.  
Additional Shelf Décor Linked: My First Teddy | Abacus | Stacking Clown | 

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