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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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When it comes to investing in my wardrobe I always prioritize denim. 
Trendy pieces come and go, but you'll never get rid of your favorite jeans. 

The idea to write this post came to me a few weeks ago when a friend asked me to point her in the right direction when shopping for a great pair of jeans. Immediately I started looking through my closet to find which brands were most predominate? Which jeans do I feel best in? Most importantly, which brands are worth the money and withstand the test of time? After a few minutes of some true closet-soul-searching, I replied with a lengthy text listing off the pros and cons my favorite brands.

If I'm being honest, jeans are my thing, and I truly believe you get what you pay for when it comes to denim. I've tried dozens of different brands, and I've discovered my favorites simply by trial and error. 

Before I dig deep into my favorite brands, I think it's important every woman understand their denim style. Do you prefer a dark or light wash? What style fits your body type best? Personally, I love a distressed, mid-wash boyfriend jean. However, it's best to have a well-rounded selection of denim in your wardrobe. Even if you stick to one style, you might diversify your denim with different washes. If you're unsure, I love this guideline for finding the right fit for your figure. 

In an effort to keep this post concise and helpful, I narrowed it down to my top 4 favorites. 

My Top Two High-End Brands 
My holy-grail, come to mama, ride or die denim brand. 
In all seriousness, this is the brand you'll find most predominately in my wardrobe. When I'm on the hunt for a new pair of jeans, I always start with MOTHER. Every pair I own fits me perfectly, wears comfortably and holds its shape. I've worked long shifts in these jeans, ran errands in these jeans and even napped in these jeans. The oldest pair in my closet I've owned for nearly 3 years and they still look and fit perfectly.
MOTHER denim is manufactured in the United States and is known for its super-soft fabrics that comfortably stretch, without sacrificing the integrity of the jeans. The waistband on this denim is sewn in, not stitched, like other brands on the market. I love the pocket placement on these jeans, as it's slightly higher than a traditional style, giving the illusion of a rounder butt. Seriously, these jeans make your backside look phenomenal. Most importantly, this brand offers a wide range of cuts and washes, catering to every body type and personality. The average price for a pair of MOTHER jeans falls in the $180-$250 range. You can shop MOTHER denim at most major retail stores and online. I personally like to shop for this brand at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. In regards to sizing, for me, this denim runs true to size, but always check the size guidelines or reviews if you're unsure. 

Citizens of Humanity 
Citizens of Humanity is known for producing the best fits, fabrics, and finishes in the industry. Impressively, each pair of COH jeans are handmade and manufactured in the United States.
COH was one of my first premium denim purchases. I remember nearly fainting when I saw the $250 price tag, but after wearing them for months... I was hooked. The longevity and quality of these jeans are a few reasons I chose to include them in this post. In addition to quality, COH offers an extensive range of fits and washes. I find that these jeans are a bit heavier than some of my other jeans, however the weight gives these jeans a true "premium" feel and contributes to the durability. 
My favorite jean from this brand (the pair I'm wearing in the photos above) is the Dree Crop (more sizes here in a different wash) They're the perfect pair of cropped high- rise jeans with a "worn in" vintage feel to them. I would suggest you size up in these, they're 100% cotton, so there's not much stretch to these! 

My Top Two Low-End Brands
I've been a big fan of this brand for a couple of years now. My first purchase from this brand was the Good Vibes Skinny, which are actually included in the pictures above. With an average price of around $80, I love that this brand offers a high quality alternative to premium denim. In addition to being budget friendly, BLANKNYC offers a comprehensive selection of denim both trendy and classic. My only suggestion when shopping this brand online would be to pay attention to the size guidelines, as I have found the sizing of these jeans vary. You can find BLANKNYC online or in-store at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. 

Treasure and Bond 
If I'm being honest, what I love most about this brand is its commitment to give back to the community. Specifically, 5% of all sales are donated directly to youth organizations, awesome right? I own a couple pair of Treasure and Bond Jeans and I can say I'm always impressed with the fit and feel of these jeans. I recently purchased these (in-store) and I can't stop wearing them. The price range for T&B ranges from $40-$80, sizing runs true to size and I always feel confident shopping this brand online. Treasure and bond produces great, wearable jeans at an affordable price point. What more could a gal ask for? 

As always, I linked what I'm wearing and some jeans I own from these brands below. 
I hope this post was helpful and thanks for reading! 

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