Baby Bravenec Announcement & Pregnancy update

Monday, March 25, 2019

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I am SO excited to finally announce that TC and I are expecting our first baby this August! We are over the moon excited! We look forward to every check-up and each ultrasound is like Christmas morning for us! I look forward to Saturday mornings, as each Saturday marks a new week of my pregnancy. TC and I lay in bed on Saturday mornings and read the weekly updates on each of my pregnancy apps, it truly is the highlight of our week. It's the sweetest thing seeing all the changes that happen each week. I'm honestly so proud of this little one! 

We told our family and friends around week 14 and it was the best experience. I will never forget each persons reaction to the news and the overwhelming feeling of joy I felt. It has truly been the best experience of my life to date, I can not express how grateful I am. 

How I'm Feeling:  Overall, I am feeling great! I am SO thankful I never experienced any morning sickness. I swear I stocked up on crackers and ginger ale the day I found out I was expecting. I was fully prepared for the nausea to kick in, but thankfully it never came. However, I am exhausted. My new bedtime is roughly 8:30 PM on a good day. The first 8 weeks I struggled to get out of bed and when I did it was even more of a struggle to stay awake past lunch time. Now that I'm in my second trimester I'm slowly getting my energy back and starting to feel more normal.

Food Adversions & Cravings: The first trimester I lived for bagels and cream cheese. We have never purchased bagels for the house prior to my pregnancy, but you better believe they became a stocked priority that first trimester. Toward the later end of my first trimester I began to crave waffles, also not something we typically keep stocked. Randomly one night I had the biggest hankering for waffles. I asked TC to whip some up for dinner, and thankfully we had some waffle mix in the pantry. Immediately TC started getting the ingredients mixed together and I set out to preheat the waffle maker. I searched high and low for that dang waffle maker until it hit me... it was gone! To my horror, TC had actually thrown out our waffle maker a few months back. Needless to say, this wasn't a pleasant night for TC. I'm happy to report my mother-in-law kindly overnight shipped us a beautiful new waffle maker after hearing about Bravenec Waffle Gate.
As far as aversions go, I don't have many. There are definitely nights that certain dinners sound better than others, but nothing extreme. The biggest change is my lack of interest in sweets. I had the biggest sweet tooth prior to pregnancy, but not so much anymore. A single cookie will sustain my sweet tooth for at least a week...pregnancy can be so odd. 

Gender: Yes! We are going to find out if baby Bravenec is a girl or a boy! At my last appointment they were able to tell the gender, but we asked them to seal the big news in an envelope for us to open privately.  I must admit, If it were up to me, I'd wait until delivery to find out! However, TC would implode waiting. I know for planning purposes it's best to find out the gender. It will also definitely help in the naming department, as TC and I have no clue what names we like. It's been a few weeks now and I have a feeling we won't be waiting much longer to rip that envelope open! 

I think that is all for now, but I do plan on updating you all throughout my pregnancy. I enjoy reading any and all pregnancy posts and I think it'll serve as a way to revisit my pregnancy experience for years to come.  

Big Hugs, 

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