Brave Bargains

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Brave Bargains

| Fall Booties Bargain (Less than $40) /Bust |
 | Black Quilted Crossbody BargainBust | 
| The CUTEST fringe bag Bargain (obsessed)Bust |
| Rose Gold Statement Rings Bargain/Bust |

If there is one thing, just one thing you should know about me, it's that I love to find a good steal! Okay..ohkkay.. there are a ton of other things you should know about me, but don't underestimate the emotional high I get when I find a super good steal.  I realized that a lot of times, I link more affordable options below my posts and that's it! However, sometimes your girl just wants to dedicate an entire post to bargain steals that'll make you squeal! I love to share all kinds of things with y'all and when I find some good bargains, you bess' believe i'm going to be heading over to this blog and sharing them with you! I hope you all enjoy these posts and I can help you save a little money. 
For these posts the "bargain" will always be listed on the left column and the  "Bust" will always be on the right.  
Again, I really hope you guys like this series! 


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