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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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...When I said I was obsessed with button-ups! 
I love them and I'm so glad this trend is back. I wear a button up around my waist any chance I get, without hesitation. 
This specific button up is actually my husbands, I take shirts from him all the time, he's used to it. 
I wore this outfit over the weekend to run errands and later that night we went to a movie! For the movies I swapped the white denim for leggings. I don't know about y'all but I can't wear jeans to the movies. I sit criss-cross-apple sauce in the theater with a big ol' bag of popcorn, so there really isn't any room for denim in that equation. 
Anyway, today our office is switching internet companies, so I'm not going to have internet for the rest of the day.. #cool. I'm sure i'll survive, I have a ton of paper work that doesn't require the internet calling my name #blek! 
I'm excited it's Wednesday, one day closer to Friday!
Ps. I think today is "National Lipstick Day"! How appropriate is this shirt?! Nailed it!

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