Neon Crazy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Summer means beach trips, ice cream, warm weather, and NEON colors! 
Every now and then I mix two bright colors together- and I always feel a little spunkier when I do! Not to mention, these bright colors make your tanned skin look amazing! 
Oh! Did I mention I love summer? 

Lastly, I'm getting MARRIED in 3 days. three.days. 
EEEP! My heart races every time I think about it!
With that being said, I won't have any post coming until late next week. I may post a picture or two from the wedding on Monday, but I want to take a break for a week or so to be a newlywed!
We don't leave for our Honeymoon until May- see my post about where we are going here! 
BUT we are heading out to Fredricksberg for a couple of days after the wedding. 
We're staying in the CUTEST little house and I'm so excited!
We plan on visiting a couple of wineries and all the cute little shops in town. 

 Then it's back to reality for a week or two... 
and then the real honeymoon!

Okay enough with that, lets jump into what neon's I'm mixing!

My top is older, but similar://here!
My shorts are from Nordstrom rack, but i'm LOVING://These
Super similar shorts also found://here

As always, feel free to email or comment below if you have any questions!
Big Almost Married Hugs, 

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  1. Love this color combo! So perfect for summer! And congratulations!! Hope you share some of your wedding photos! I can only imagine the excitement! Gets me excited for my big day!


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