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Monday, April 27, 2015

Okay, so I may be pouring salt in some wounds, but I made out like a bandit at the Lilly Launch. 
Here's how my Lilly Loony-bin Launch went:  

1. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me of the launch day MONTHS ago. So on Friday the 17th, I was reminded. 

2. I scoped the catalog and marked what "online" only items I wanted and what "in store" items I wanted. 

3. I stayed up until 3 am and went BANANAS online. It was the craziest experience I've ever had online shopping! I would add something to my cart, the page would refresh, and one of my items would disappear from my cart...UHM... excuse me...what! It was like the internet Lilly's were already prying goods out of my little hands. I vividly remember thinking "WHAT IS HAPPENING, IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE"! I didn't get the really cute high waisted bikini I wanted but, I did manage to get the two sandals I wanted... HA! Take that!

4. I went to sleep around 4 am, but woke up at 5:30 and crept out of my house, got Starbucks, and headed to my local Target (it opened at 8am). TC heard me leaving and he said he thought "she is so serious, she is out for blood". HA! 

5. I was the first person in the parking lot, however not even 10 minutes later there were a good 10 other cars. They just kept trickling in. . and my heart would race every time I saw a new person pull up. 

6. 7 am, Someone starts the line. Car doors are slamming, car alarms beeping, we are all speed walking towards those two red automatic doors. 

7. Everyone is playing nice and there isn't a "real" line at this point. Its more of a huddle. Huddle is actually a perfect adjective because everyone is making their game plans clear. Watch out for the girl in the lime green- she's going for the button up. 

8. TC texts. He's coming up to target. Worried for my safety and my sanity if I didn't get everything on my list. I can tell everyone is ticked that I'm bringing a second set of arms. Do I care? NO. Watch out. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here for the loot. 

9. TC shows up. It's like the Hunger Games. I show him the items and briefly explain where they are going to be located. I'm pretty sure I told him verbatim "Get the weekender bag and EVERY SINGLE SCARF you can". *insert death stare into his soul*. 

10. 8:00 am The doors open. Everyone walks through the first set of doors but then.. this random girl takes off, I'm talking full speed sprinting! So I take off like I'm Usain Bolt. I make it to the clothing racks. I'm grabbing everything in my size. Hands and feet are flying around me. I can't see anything but the colorful prints. My eyes are on the prize. 

11. I have everything I wanted. It is all mine. I see TC, he got the weekender bag and the scarf. We are victorious. We are champions. 

12. 8:03 am TC says "Lets get out of here. I feel like we are about to get beat up". There really were women death staring us and anyone else who got anything. 

13. We check out. Walk out. Watch out world. We are the titans. THE MIGHTY MIGHTY TITANS. 

Boom, and that's how you do it people. I am starting with this dress, I will post the other two styled outfits later this week, so please be on the look out. 
Big Crazy Hugs,

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