30 Days To Go & Our Honeymoon Plans!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 
Sorry I've been MIA! I got really sick the other night and I'm still recovering, blek!
However, today is an exciting day because we have 30 days till the wedding! That's right, we've officially hit the 30 day out mark and I couldn't be more excited! 
It's really cute, all our family and friends make sure to remind us of the countdown.
Okay, enough of that!  
Anyway, I guess it's time to reveal our honeymoon plans.. because it's always the #1 question everyone asks.

(Drum Roll Please)

TC and I are going on a 15 day Europe Tour!
We will be seeing: 
1. Paris, France
2. Venice, Italy
3. Rome, Italy
4. Barcelona, Spain 

Excited is an understatement! We have 3-4 Days in each city and I am so so so excited. We decided to forgo the idea of all inclusive, just because this is the best time to get out and see as much as we can! It's no surprise that TC and I love to travel and see new places, so what better way to celebrate our marriage than to see some of the best places in the world?! I can't decide what city i'm most excited about.. but Barcelona looks amazing! 
We are so blessed and so grateful for this trip, that work will let us off for more than a week, that family will watch our crazy pups, and for all the tips and advice we've gotten! 
I think the hardest thing to plan for is- what am I suppose to pack?!

Europe, here we come!

& Here's a picture of us today for our 30 day out photo!!

PS. I plan on doing a post on my Bridal Shower soon, so stay tuned!
PSS. If y'all have any tips or travel advice please let us know! We'd love to hear them! 

Big Love and 30 days out hugs,

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