My TC & The Mushiest I'll Ever Be

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My TC is kind.
He is observant. 
He is genuine.
He loves unconditionally.
He finds the good in everyone. 
He is everything God wanted for me. 

Let me take you back 5 years. 
I was working at a restaurant while I was in school. I mainly worked weekends and then drove back to school during the week. I never paid any attention to the people who came in, I just didn't. 
One night I noticed a guy and his friend at table 53. It wasn't my section, but I knew the moment I looked at TC that I was going to marry him. I told the girl working that section "I don't know who the guy is at table 53 but I'm going to marry him"! That girl and I still laugh about that moment today! It sounds crazy- trust me I know. What's crazier is that I have never been like that in my entire life. I've always been VERY picky, very meticulous, very sure of everything I did. Type-A is an understatement. I always had a plan. I knew what I wanted, but here I am staring at this STRANGER thinking "I have no idea who that guy is, but I'm going to marry him". Now, it might have been just because I honestly think TC is the best looking person in the world, and I mean that.. but there was something about him. So after I gathered my thoughts, and in true carol fashion, planned a way to go over and talk to him. I grabbed the beers being ordered for his table and walked over and I said, "Are you even old enough to be drinking this?" and.. to my surprise, he said.. "Are you even old enough to work here?" Such sass!! I was so shocked and embarrassed, I just laughed and walked away. 
Weeks later, we went on our very first date. 

I am a planner. 
I am type A. 
I am NOT impulsive.
I did not believe in love at first sight

I love TC with every ounce of my being, and there is no other person I would rather grow old with. 
I believe God had a greater plan for my life, than I had for myself... 
I am so thankful,
and I am so uninterested in a life without TC. 

Loving you is so easy.

Cheers To Many More Years,

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