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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Wedding is coming up fast! 
The next month I will be super busy with all the last minute details, so I wanted to take a second and brag about the wonderful ladies who will be standing by my side on April 11th! 

Chris Travis- My Maid of Honor. 
My Sister!
My sister is my best friend. We have inside jokes and stories for days, she centers me, drives me, and loves me unconditionally. 
Everything she does comes from a good place and she would give a stranger the shirt off her back. 
I love you Sis, so honored to have you by my side!

Karli Bundy
 My Best Friend!
We met in college and then became roommates. This woman is my soul sister and she completes me. I have never met a more caring and genuine person in my life!
I have never been as close with anyone as I am with my Marli-Girl. She is the better half in this friendship for sure, and I love that she is my very best friend for life.
Maw-Maw, So happy to have you by my side!

Sarah Bravenec 
My soon to be Sister-in-Law!
I used to get so mad because Sarah would always introduce me as her "Soon to be Sister-In-Law" because we are so much more than that!
Sarah is not only my office partner in crime, shes one of my closest friends.
We laugh like sisters, fight like sisters, and love each other like sisters. I feel like it's only natural that we are becoming sisters by marriage.
So glad to have you by my side!

Andrea Fernandez 
My babes!
This girl is my favorite little munchkin ever. We worked together at first, but became closer than ever after she did my hair for the first time. This girl is an ARTIST y'all! Drea keeps it real and is always there for me. I could call this girl at 2 am and she would answer! Andrea is also my meme queen, we send each other memes all day long! Drea, you are my girl. Thanks for everything you do!
So excited to have you by my side!

Erica Catter
My Gilly Woman!
Erica and I finish each other sentences. When I'm around Erica I tend to snort laugh because she is the funniest woman I've ever met in my life. Erica and I are the kind of friends that can look at each other and know exactly what the other is thinking, without speaking. Erica and I have sing a longs together, we compulsively text each other, and get Gilly way too often.
I know we are going to #justnailit at this wedding.
Erica, Thank you for your friendship... it keeps me sane, in the most insane way.
So ready to #nailit with you by my side!

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