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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A couple people have emailed or text me and asked for more personal posts. I try to steer clear of "personal" posts, but I don't see any harm in sharing some wedding stuff here and there. It's super exciting and we have so many great things planned for our big day!

Now, we are not the couple that is comfortable in front of a camera. It's funny, when we had to make our wedding website, we went through the photos we had together.. and it was slim pickin'. We just don't take a lot of photos together; and when we do they're quick, cute, and usually silly. So finding the right photographer was important because we both wanted to feel comfortable, look natural, and get amazing pictures! When we sat down with our photographer Amber from Amber Jaye McCarthy Photography, we knew she was a great fit. We had met with other photographers, but with Amber we felt instantly comfortable! The process was painless and a lot less awkward than we expected! We love Amber and after our session we both said "that wasn't so bad"! So without further a due, here are some shots from our engagement session! 
Big Love, 

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