Braided Bun On The Run

Saturday, December 27, 2014

So I was on third day hair and decided to share with you how I disguise it! 
I don't know about you, but washing my hair can be a pain, and It's super time consuming. 
I love this braided bun because its super quick, super easy, and looks like you put effort into your hair!

 Follow these three steps: pony, braid two strands, and wrap.
It's easy as pie! 
But... I'll show you how I get this braided bun, Step By Step! 

1. Brush out that mane girl! 

2. Tease, tease, and more tease (for me, this is a must) 

(more tease please!)
3. Now, pull your hair back into a high pony. It's important to use a hair band that's close to the color of your hair. Once up, spilt it in two sections. 

4. Braid one side. This doesn't have to be neat, that's what bobby pins are for.. duh! 

5. Wrap the first section around the base of your pony tail, stick bobby pins all over to make sure its secure and in place. Then, repeat for the second section. 

6. Move your braids around until your hair is in place and you're happy with the look of the bun. *again, bobby pins are your friend! 

 Ta Da! 

Heres what I used!
1. Batiste dry shampoo 
2. Elnett Satin Hair Spray (not my favorite)
3. The "Wet Brush"
4. Teasing comb 
5. Bobby Pins
6. Hair Tie 

Hope y'all enjoyed this quick and easy braided bun! Also, 
Let me know if you would like more hair posts? 
Big Love,

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