What's Playing On My Spotify

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Friday! Here's a quick little post all about what's currently playing on my Spotify!

1. Jack Savoretti- Take Me Home 
2. A R I Z O N A- every single one of their singles. I am a HUGE fan of this group. If they ever come to Austin, I'm going to be front row! If you search for them, search for "where I wanna be" by a r i z o n a  
3. Young The Giant- My Body
4. Beyonce- She's always playing on my Spotify. Recently, I've been listening to "Check Up On It", it just makes me so happy and I can't help but dance. 
5. CHVRCHES- Night Sky 

Oh and yes, I'm still loving the new Bieber album.. It's a problem.
Cheers to the weekend!

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