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Monday, November 16, 2015

| Chunky textured sweater here & here | My exact cardigan in taupe here | 
| Distressed Denim, stretchy- size down here |
| I'm obsessing over this Bolo Tie Necklace! |
My Hat I'm wearing a SM |
Hello Sweet Friends! 
If you follow me on Snapchat then you'll know that we are currently renovating our back patio and it's coming along! I love the huge cedar posts and the restoration hardware inspired details. I know this blog is all about my personal fashion, but I just might have to share some pictures when it's finished. I'm just so thankful for our family and friends (especially TC's Dad) for all the help. We always think these projects are going to be easy-peasy. Somehow, we are always wrong. Oh well, at least we are learning a lot as we go! 

Speaking of learning.... 

I hope that when you come to GMB you are inspired. However, I hope you take little bits of that inspiration and incorporate it into your own personal style. 
It is fun to let other bloggers/stylist/fashionistas influence your wardrobe, but don't let inspiration define your style. 
I find that I feel best in outfits that truly encompass my own personal style. 

I love a good pair of loose distressed boyfriend jeans and soft chunky knit sweaters. I tend to let trends pop in and out of my wardrobe- yet I try to remain true to my comfy style. I love second day hair best and top knot buns. I also love big floppy hats when I'm rockin' 4th day hair! I don't like wearing high heels, bright nail polish, or stuffy blouses. 
I've learned that my style is forever evolving, but at it's core it remains the same. 
 What I'm trying to get at is that I love to be myself
I love letting my style serve as my creative outlet. 
I encourage all of you to embrace what makes your style unique. 
Be inspired, but not defined. 

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  1. love the Old Navy hat! looking great!


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