We went to Dallas!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

There are two football teams in the great state of Tejas. . The Dallas Cowboys and some other team from Houston. A couple of weekends ago TC surprised me with tickets to a Cowboys game, so I made hotel reservations and we headed North on I-35! The weekend was spent shopping at the galleria (I'll do a haul soon), eating, and watching our boys do work on The Saints. I want to go ahead and throw this out there- I LOVE the Saints, except when they play The Cowboys. I'm a huge Drew Brees fan and an even bigger Sean Payton fan. However; when it comes down to it, I grew up on The Cowboys and I won't cheer against them. Well before I Insert a couple pictures... I want to say I LOVED our Hotel! It was a little boutique hotel located a little southeast of downtown Dallas. It had the most incredible views, and the interior was warehouse industrial. It was amazing. I could go on and on about it, but you'll see in the pictures. We also stopped by the Czech Stop on the way up for Kolaches. If you can't tell by now- TC and I love food! The Kolaches here are unreal- knock your socks off good. 

Did I mention the Cowboys beat The Saints 38-17? 
Little Czech Bakery- Home of the best Kolaches! 
Big Love 

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