A Little Weekend Trip to New Orleans

Thursday, October 9, 2014

So as usual, I’m late to getting around to posting this! We decided a couple weeks ago to pack up and head down to New Orleans for a weekend! We had been so busy over the summer and hadn’t taken any time to get away. We had heard mixed reviews about little ol’ Nola, some said “it’s dirty” and others LOVED the city! Let me tell you, anything negative you’ve heard about New Orleans is a LIE! I absolutely loved this trip! New Orleans is so rich and soulful- everything from the music, art, and even the food. We stayed at a little boutique hotel called The International House . It was quaint and cute- just like I like my hotels. The first day we got there it was late in the afternoon so we just went to dinner at some little café. Saturday it rained, so we opted for a tour around the city on a little tour bus. It was perfect because we were able to see the entire city- far more than we would’ve seen on our own. It also allowed us to take note of places we’d like to see more of… like the garden district! Sunday we took our notes from the touristy bus ride and went exploring on our own. We had breakfast in the garden district and took a trolley from the garden district to the warehouse district. If you go to Nola, take a ride on the trolley. They’re old with the sliding bench seats and the views along the way are beautiful. Later that day we went down to the swamp, y’all! We took an airboat tour and saw some amazing wildlife. Now I'm not fond of any kind of attractions that “mess with nature or critters” but these gators seemed PRETTY happy to have their lunch served on a daily basis. I can honestly say- the gators seemed 100% happy and the tour guides really loved and respected the wildlife. Before this gets any longer, I’m going to insert pictures of our weekend.
And if you aren’t already sold on New Orleans… you will be the moment you get there and sink your teeth into a Beignet at Café Du Monde. It is a little sugary bite of heaven. 

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The Ruby Red Slipper, opened after hurricane Katrina. The owners chose the name because "there is no place like home". I got goosebumps when I read the story behind this restaurant. Not to mention- the food was incredible!! (hints why the line is so long.. its worth the wait)! 

The Famous "Beignets" 
Holy Cow.. so good.

 This restaurant is located in the garden district, stop by and then walk your breakfast off while looking at all the amazing houses down the street! I'm not kidding, they're gorg!

 Is this real life?

 Again, is this real life?
Don't go to Bourbon street for Jazz, go to Frenchmen Street. Trust me, the locals are correct. Bourbon for drinking, Frenchmen for the music. 
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