Transitioning Your Closet for Fall

Monday, September 19, 2016

sweater I'm wearing a size M | similar pull-over sweater here | leopard print cardigan | denim | similar saddle bag crossbody | my mule booties | I also just ordered these in canela brown suede |
 | nail polish | | I'm wearing this lip plump in "nude in town"| 
If you haven't noticed from my last couple of blog posts, I'm well into transitioning my closet for fall. I've been sorting through all of my last season cardigans, jackets and sweaters and adding new pieces as I go. One of my biggest tips when getting ready for a new season is to sort through all the items you have from last year. I will sit down and go through it all and decide what I love and what I can loose. Sorting through my closet also helps me decide between the trendy pieces I want and what I actually need. 
Another thing I do when sorting through my closet is add notes on my phone. For example, the other day I was getting ready and I noticed all of my solid black tank tops are getting really thin and starting to look tattered. I don't know about y'all, but when I'm shopping the last thing I consider purchasing is basic essentials. However, If I look at my notes and have a reminder- I'm usually pretty good about purchasing the essential items I really need. 

The last tid-bid of advice I have to offer is in regards to color scheme. In my opinion, fall has one of the most flattering color schemes to work with. You can easily transition your entire wardrobe by adding a couple of fall-colored items to your closet. For example, throw in a camel-colored or cream cardigan, cognac booties, and a good pair of dark denim and you're good to go. Don't think to much into it, because really the season will be gone before you know it. 
Some of my favorite fall colors are deep olive tones, berry tones, creams, and camel. 
(also, leopard print anything...because my name is Carolanna and I have a problem)

Well, I'm off to Pinterest my life away & hopefully figure out how to decorate my teeny-tiny front porch for fall. #pumpkineverything #helpmepinterest #smallhouseproblems

Here's to another season!


  1. Where is your saddle bag from? Love it!

    1. Thanks so much! I actually just got lucky and found that bag at Marshalls a weekend or so ago! However, I linked a Sole Society bag that is super similar. You could also check out this one I found- it's super similar as well!

      Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by!! <3


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