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Sunday, February 21, 2016

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Girlmeetsbrave was created to serve as a personal style blog, plain and simple. 
It serves as a place where others can come and hopefully be inspired, get outfit ideas, and find new trends to fall in love with. 

Personally, I believe this blog should only serve it's intended purpose.  
I struggle all the time with how much to share about my life.  
I keep it real on social media and share life happenings here and there. 
However, I keep so much private. 
I thought long and hard about this and I decided I should probably share some insight.   
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Some of you don't know this, but I am a full time college student. I took a long time off, and going back was a really hard decision for me. Every semester I take 15+ hours and that requires a lot of my time. I also intern at a film school, which is amazing. I am their PR intern, and I really love it! School and my internship take up a lot of my time. I'm literally up at 7 a.m. every morning and highly caffeinated until 11 p.m. every night. 
Recently Bravenec injured his back. It's a pretty serious injury and he is in a lot of pain. It's really hard on him and it hurts me to see him in pain. He is the greatest person I've ever known, and he doesn't deserve what he's going though. With that being said, B's injury also means more for me to take on. I'm used to having a teammate that I can pass the baton too when I'm wiped out, but currently that's not the case. This means that school, work, cleaning, cooking, and errands are all on me. Wouldn't you know it, our dryer decided to go out while TC's out of commission. Story of my life. I am not complaining, because he would do it for me in a heartbeat. However, I hope this helps further clarify all the tasks I'm juggling. 

I wish I could say that's all I have going on, but it's not. 
Just because my life is insane, doesn't mean that the world around me slows down. I have friends getting married, one of which is a destination wedding and I'm a bridesmaid. I have friends having babies and y'all better believe I make time to visit them and snuggle their little ones. I literally held my best friends baby for 5 hours yesterday! Speaking of babies, no I'm not pregnant and I don't want to be any time soon. Stop asking this, stop assuming this. However, my little sister IS pregnant and we are over the moon excited! She is due in June and it's a little girl. Aunt Cee-Cee is ready to style her outfits, spoil her rotten, and rock her to sleep. I cry from time to time, because I'm so proud of my little sister. I truly believe she is one of the toughest women I will ever know. 

I have so many other things going on from personal stuff, to taking care of my grams (who deserves more than I could ever give her), trying to manage my social life, and if I have time.. squeezing in blog posts. 

In Conclusion... 
I'm a wife, sister, full-time student, intern, friend, daughter, granddaughter, blogger, bridesmaid, aunt,  and a real human. Mix all that together, add in my type-a-personality, and you've got a good idea of what i'm working with! Ha! 

So please understand, I am not trying to neglect GMB, my friends, my family, or my house (even though my laundry basket would beg to differ! Ha!) 

I am blessed beyond measure. I know that my problems pale in comparison to others. I am forever grateful and humbled by all that God has blessed me with. I am forever thankful for each of you and the endless love and support you shower me with. 

Thanks for sticking by me, 

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  1. Love you Carol! I'll keep TC in my prayers and hope he finds some relief with his pain soon. Keep on keeping on, and don't worry about neglecting GMB, you take care of yourself and your hubby first! Of course we looooove seeing your updates, but we would much rather have some healthy and happy Bravenec's!


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