August Favorites

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1. Passion Tea With Lemonade Y'all, this heat won't let up! I have been ordering trenta (yes trenta) passion tea's with lemonade non-stop. I personally order mine unsweetened. However, I think more people prefer theirs sweet.

2. MAC Cream Cup I love this perfect pinky nude! It's also a creamsheen so it glides on and isn't drying at all. I had a hard time picking a lipstick favorite this month, because if you follow me on Snapchat- You know I've been werkin' on the lipstick front. 

3. NYX Butter Gloss I JUST jumped on this train, I know I'm late! However, I purchased eclair, tiramisu, and cream brulee. I can't pick a favorite because I honestly love them all! I will say this, do not put these on before you blow dry your hair. Yikes. 

4. Essie Barefoot & Topless I try to branch out and get a bright color every now and then but I always end up hating it after a day or two. I should just throw in the towel and stick to my beigey-nudes and pinky-nudes. This color is by far one of the best pinky-nudes out there! 

5. Pink Magnolia Soy Candle I bought 4 of these candles and I plan on purchasing more. Stockpile grade 5 hoarder status. This candle is my all time favorite. End of discussion. 

6. Batiste Floral Essence  I am a dry shampoo queen, I have no shame telling you all that I go 3-4 days between washes. Washing my hair is the biggest chore in the world and this dry shampoo is my holy grail. I love the Batiste brand in general, but this scent is game changing! 


  1. Essie will last me up to EIGHT days! I love their nail polish! Ispy also just sent me a NXY butter gloss for the first time and I find myself wanting to wear it all the time!
    -xoxo, Shell

    1. I love Essies formula too! It lasts me forever and they have the best color selection! Thanks for stopping by sweet girl!


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