Our Honeymoon Part 2: Venice!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Venice was the perfect place to visit after the hustle and bustle of Paris. Time isn't relevant and everyone just goes with the flow. The city is beautiful with it's interlaced canals and beautiful buildings with traced arches. I loved all the leaning buildings that made the alleyways so romantic and enchanting. I don't think either of us will ever eat Italian food the same again. The pizza and the pastas were made fresh and Gelato could be found on every corner.
Oh, Venice was so beautiful. 

We flew from Paris--->Venice

(Fresh Italian Pasta TO-GO ugh, so good)

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Day One: 
We just strolled around venice and took it all in. We took a water taxi and saw Rialto Bridge and toured the grand canal. When you're walking around you can hit a lot of the places you want to see, venice isn't massive. We saw St. Marks Basilica and the square, it's all so beautiful!

(I loved sitting here looking out at the canals. ugh. perfection)
Day Two: 
We went to the Island of Murano, also known as the glass island. The glass is incredible, so carefully designed and unique. I loved this little island, and it was also a 30 minute water taxi ride from our hotel so that's always a plus! We also visited "Lido Island" which is where TC and I both decided we could easily retire here. This island was so impeccably clean and almost felt untouched. It had a beach, which was also incredibly clean and you don't get the beach hair feeling. It's like there is zero humidity! We had some amazing pizza, bruchetta, and wine and then rode the water taxi home just as the sun was setting!  

Murano Island

(Venice beach)

Restaurant on Lido Island 


Day Three:
Day three we just kind of relaxed and toured more parts of the city. We decided to take a private boat tour that took you around the entire island and showed you different historical canals that you don't get to see from the grand canal. It was so beautiful that afternoon, and the hotel sets up this tour to happen right around sunset. It was picturesque and I will forever remember that boat tour! 

"The Bridge of Sighs"
This bridge has a creepy myth behind it. They say this bridge was used as a passageway from the court house to the prison, and that when prisoners were sentenced they would walk through this bridge and they would SIGH as they got their last glimpse Venice before entering prison. (creepy, sad, but kind of interesting.. I'm not sure how true this is, but it's a cool story none the less!)

Happy as a bug in a rug eating Nutella Gelato! 
Big Italian Hugs,

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